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Following my internship with LeadingAge Minnesota, I was hired as the Event Coordinator at Whitman College. There, I coordinate all of the events with the President’s Office which include Governing Board Meetings and Programming, Keynote Receptions, Baccalaureate, Convocation, Summer Read Program, Commencement, Staff and Faculty Socials, Holiday Parties, and much more. On top of working for the President’s Office, I assist the Department of Conferences and Events on many programs, including Summer Conferences. In a year, I work on 50+ events. This is manageable to me due to my list making nature!

Being that Whitman College is a small institution, I wear many hats. From graphic design, to photography, to wine pairing, to emergency planning; my role has allowed me to grow in all. I’ve also had the privilege of hiring two interns to work under me during the academic year. Not only is it a huge help to have extra hands when I have multiple events a week, but I love being a resource and mentor to others interested in the events field.

Some highlights of my work at Whitman include —

Convocationfarrington1.jpg“The Whitman College Convocation ceremony is a calling together of everyone on campus—students, parents, faculty, and staff—to mark the beginning of the next academic cycle, and to welcome the incoming class of first year students into our community.” – Whitman College

  • Work with speakers, musicians, the President and the communications department to successfully manage this ceremony from start to finish

Summer Read

“One of Whitman’s many revered academic traditions is the Summer Read Program, in which a reading selection is assigned to all new first-year students. This selection provides a platform for intellectual discussion and debate for the college’s newest students, but also for bonding as the initial discussions take place during Orientation Week. Whitman also invites the wider community to participate by reading the selection and attending the author’s lecture later in the fall.” – Whitman College

  • Coordinated travel and managed contracts with Summer Read Author
  • Planned and managed two days of programming with the chosen author and the college as well as the community

Sherwood House Dinner Parties

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Dinner parties at the President’s House were a new addition to the events calendar. The goal was to welcome community members to the dinner table to become better acquainted with the President and her partner, and in return, with Whitman College. I created meaningful table settings to make all guests feel appreciated and coordinated with a chef, winemaker and bartender for the food. I also created a game which the guests played – acting as both an ice breaker, and a means of inspiring laughs and conversation.

Governing Boards

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The Governing Boards bring the Whitman College Trustee’s to campus three times a year. Each time, they are invited to a reception at Sherwood House as well as an off-campus dinner on top of meetings and miscellaneous programming.

Student Cookie Decorating

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The Student Cookie Decorating Celebration was a very fun way for the President and her partner to welcome students to their house for a relaxing, holiday celebration before finals. I planned a chili bar, cookie decorating, and projected two winter movies in the living room. I made sure to have catering bring to-go boxes so that students could take their cookies and chili home to munch on while studying 🙂

Winter Soirée

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The Winter Soirée was the Whitman College Staff and Faculty Holiday Party. For this event, I coordinated decor, live music and a DJ, food, beverages, games, charity donations, marketing, security and much more.


Leadership Scholars Dinner
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The Leadership Scholars program guides Whitman College students of color and first generation college students through their college career. I planned many events with this program, from casual receptions to formal dinners.

Whitman Undergraduate Conference

“The Whitman Undergraduate Conference is an annual, day-long celebration of the scholarship and creativity of Whitman students.” – Whitman College

Penrose Dinner

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The Penrose Dinner honored new inductee’s to the Penrose Society at Whitman College. The dinner took place at an off-campus winery. I coordinated and managed catering, beverages, contracts, budgets, decor, programming and photography for this event.

Senior Class Donor Celebration
This event thanks graduating Whitman seniors who have donated to their class fund. They are invited to a champagne and dessert reception at the President’s house.


Leadership Gala
Part of the Leadership Scholars program, this event celebrates students of color graduating.

“The Baccalaureate ceremony, which is held the day before Commencement, offers graduating seniors and their families an opportunity to reflect on their time spent at Whitman and look ahead to new opportunities.” – Whitman College

  • Work with speakers, musicians, the President and the communications department to successfully manage this ceremony from start to finish

I support the Commencement Ceremony by managing volunteers and working on part of the emergency planning team. Parts of Commencement Weekend which I manage, include the Commencement Reception and Dinner Party. There used to be one large Commencement Dinner which didn’t allow for as much mingling or intimacy. I changed the format to allow for a more meaningful experience, and still include all involved with the ceremony.

4th of July

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The President’s Office hosts a backyard party at the President’s house the weekend before (or of) July 4th each summer. I plan the party, and this year, featured a local taco truck, kegs of root beer and beer from a local brewery as well as cold brew from a local roastery. The party was called “Tacos + Beer”, and guests had the option of making their root beer or cold brew into a float with ice cream! About 200 guests were in attendance for this laid-back celebration.

Summer Conferences

Summer Conferences include groups who rent space — and in many cases, dorm rooms — on campus. As a part of the Conferences and Events department, I manage a few summer conferences. This includes coordinating with the conference head, assigning rooms and spaces, managing our student staff who assist with set ups and tear downs and managing contracts and invoices.

Graphic Design

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