Backyard Benefit Concert

During the summer of 2014, I planned and hosted a backyard benefit concert at my parents home in Colorado. With the help of my parents, friends and neighbors we provided an evening of food, live music, henna and a raffle. All proceeds went to Homeless Gear (out of Fort Collins, CO). 42 people were in attendance and we raised $450. Donations to the raffle included original artwork, baked goods, plants and pottery. There was a rainstorm 30 minutes prior to the event and I had to think on my toes in order to potentially accommodate all attendees as well as the musicians indoors. Luckily the weather cleared up and the evening was a smashing success. My band was one that performed, I love combining my passions of music, art and events. This event was purely fun for me, I was my own boss and thankfully had the help of all of my close friends and family. The Backyard Benefit Concert never felt like work, it was simply a fun way to gather friends from home and celebrate the end of the summer, all for a good cause.

Independently managed event; local focus; teamwork with family, friends and neighbors

Here is a link to the Instagram Hashtag we created for the event: #BackyardCoachella2014