Chicago, Chicago

I love Chicago. Always the obvious tourist, I can’t help but gaze up the walls of the beautiful architecture in the heart of the city. Chicago is home to some of the greatest art, people and neighborhoods I have ever known. This past week, I made my fifth trip to Chicago.

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I  began my visit by venturing to the Inter-Continental Hotel. Online I read about the renowned architecture and beautiful event spaces which can be toured for free. During my visit, there was a wedding taking place at the hotel and tours were not being given. However I did get to wander around the marble pillars in the lobby and even go upstairs to see the luxurious swimming pool. The hotel was once a men’s athletic club and the swimming space still retains some of it’s original 1920’s design. Famous Olympians have swam at the Inter-Continental and by the looks of it, perhaps kings and queens as well!

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After I was finished gawking at the splendor of the Inter-Continental, I walked purposefully toward one of my favorite places in the world- the Art Institute of Chicago. The Art Institute houses 300,000 works of art and I always leave inspired. With so much to see, I always try to wander into new rooms during my time at the Art Institute. This year’s wandering lead me to the old Chicago stock exchange trading room. Just across the stairs from the mesmerizing Chagall windows is a reconstructed Trading Room. There are tables and chairs set up as well as a baby grand piano suggesting the many events that are held in this corner of the museum. The history etched into the walls and ceiling would surely add priceless value to any event held here.


My long weekend in Chicago was hot and humid but also full of inspiration by way of art, history and people. Like usual, I had an incredible time in the city. I even met a woman who works for an event company that I plan on applying to in the spring! I can’t wait until my next visit 🙂


The Davenport Grand

Recently I tagged along on my mother’s work trip to a hidden gem: Spokane, WA! While commonly known for it’s past of red wagon’s and the last world fair, there is still excitement and inspiration to be found in the “Lilac City”.

The logo for the Sokane World Fair is to the right. The fExpo '74 Logoair was titled “The Fair and the Falls: Spokane’s Expo ’74, Transforming an American Environment” and was meant to focus on the need and ambition to take care of our planet. The city of Spokane even released 1,974 trout into the river at the commencement of the fair to show their commitment to a sustainable environment (Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest). I love the green initiative they took for this event and can only dream of what it would be like to plan a world fair.

While this history is exciting in itself, I found myself equally intrigued by the Old Davenport Hotel, a part of the Davenport Hotel Collection. This hotel is the oldest in the collection, having been around for 100 years. The hotel contains renovated event spaces that transport you to a different time (pictures shown above and below). I could only fantasize the splendor of the parties held in this corner of the world and will be anxiously checking for event positions there when I graduate in the fall.


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